Welcome to Dark Sea

This is a Space Opera full of aliens, adventure and unbelievable creature. There are thousands of inhabited worlds supporting life in almost every form imaginable.

Leviathans swim through the the eddies of Trans-Space, an extra dimensional void that allows fast travel between worlds that only these living ships can access. The mental link they share with their pilots allowing them to be guided and carry passengers where ever they wish to go.

Spacial Highways allow small mechanical ships to manage the short hops between nearby planets but to cover greater distances or carry large cargo you need a good old space whale.

Religious groups argue about the existent of the Divine, some are claiming Trans-Space is the gateway to heaven and the Leviathans are really angels. Others oppose the spread of mechanical ships claiming they are an affront to the creator who has only granted Trans-Space to the Leviathans and their chosen passengers.

Progressive scientists from the core worlds push to expand the reach of the Spacial Highways and do away with the Leviathans in favour of the fully mechanical transport system.

Away from all of this the everyday people just try to get by.

Dark Sea

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